Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Auto Repair Shop SEO Services

Auto Repair Shop Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services provided.

Search Optimization

Every business is unique and we tailor your SEO to suit your business. That way you get the SEO you need. Not a bunch of "included" tasks in a "SEO package" that don't help your business. We specialize in auto repair marketing. We know what SEO works for auto service & repair shops. You get the SEO you need, not a prescribed bunch of busy work that has no value for your unique business.

With RobMax SEO Services you set your SEO budget and we customize your "package" depending on your target customer, your competition, and the marketing budget you have.

Content Writing

Our specialty is Website Content Writing for auto repair service shops. Once your website platform and Local SEO have been optimized the bulk of your SEO will be creating new content, webpages about what you do for customers and what type of vehicles you work on. Website content that answers question that vehicle owners have.

SEO Price

You set the SEO budget you want.

The amount of SEO that is done each month varies with your budget. You are buying a "block" of time to be used in the best way for your business. That way you get the best bang for your buck.

How Much SEO is Enough?

The more SEO work done each month, the faster you get results. Also, some shops simply need more SEO if they have greater competition.

Many shops choose a declining monthly SEO budget. You spend more in the beginning, and then gradually decrease your SEO budget over time. We recommend this approach if you have not done SEO before, or have an outdated or weak website. You get results faster.

Some shops even adjust their SEO budget seasonally in preparation for increased demand or slow periods. Variable SEO budget can be used to even out car count throughout the year.

No Off-Shore Work

We do the work in-house here in North America. We do not subcontract your SEO to off-shore or inexperienced workers who don't have the skills or extensive auto industry experience. You won't have someone who doesn't understand our North American culture, language, or auto service industry writing content that is full of errors.

What You Get

  • We do an audit of what needs to be done. Includes Local Search, Organic Search, your website platform, and your online reputation. Basically a "plan" for your Internet marketing. You have the final say in what is done.
  • Access to our monthly to-do list and work log. You know what is planned, what we are working on, and what is completed. In real time.
  • On demand reports of results. Tell me what you want to know and I can provide the information you need.

If you are using our TrustBuilder customer relationship service we can provide replies to your customer feedback and reviews. Responding to both positive and negative feedback is VERY important to search ranking.

What You Need To Do

  • Decide on a budget. Nothing more.
  • I know what works and can do it without you having to do anything.
  • IF you want, you can contribute additional information and materials. It helps greatly, but is not required. Google likes "unique" content only available from you. If you provide information and photos only available at your location you WILL get higher search result position and ranking!

Consistent SEO = Consistent Results

In the past I have done SEO work on a sporadic basis for some of my website clients. Mostly done as a reaction to economic slowdowns, rather than pro-active, regular marketing. And results were sporadic also. Search engines reward fresh content, consistently posted on your website.

The main issue with individual project SEO is the time required for the shop owner to check and approve each individual "project". First, it took too much time to discuss and decide what to do; second, all the time spent negotiating what to do added to the cost; and third, it was too easy for the shop owner to procrastinate and just not do it. Or do it too late in the game to get best results.

Also, sporadic SEO is a negative for search engine ranking. SEO needs to be a regular, systematic action. Frequency, and freshness are what makes search engines lift your listings in search results. Remember for search marketing to work you need to provide what the search engine wants. You are not paying for a listing or position in the search engine so your SEO must satisfy the wants of the search engine.

Competitive Game

The Internet changes every day. Many times the changes are BIG leaps. Waiting until your listings drop before doing SEO causes great revenue loss due to inherent time lag of SEO work. Internet search is a competitive game. You need to constantly play if you want it to consistently win.

Advertising is just salesmanship in print.

SEO is just another form of advertising.

Decide what you want to happen, and lets get started. Call me.