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Meta Tags Feature

Meta tags are pieces of data about your website that are inserted into the webpage head region. When people refer to meta tags they are usually referring to the description tag, keywords tag and title tag. Meta Tag are important to your auto repair website SEO.

Meta tags are not seen by your website viewers. The main purpose of meta tags is to provide information to search engines. In addition to the well-known meta description and meta keywords tags, there are other useful meta tags, including the meta robots tag and the meta copyright tag. These tags are used to give web browsers and search engine spiders directions or data on various website information.

The meta description tag allows you to influence the description of your web page as displayed in the Search Engine search results.

The meta keywords tag allows you to provide additional text for search engines to index along with your body copy. The meta keywords tag is sometimes useful as a way to reinforce the terms a page. The keyword tag is only supported by some major search engines and is generally thought to be not worth the effort to implement. Most search engines now ignore the tag.

Robert Maxim enters the title meta tag on all website pages. The description and keyword meta tags are entered for the home and services pages. Additional SEO can be performed on other pages. Check out Robert Maxim's other auto repair SEO features and services.