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Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics accounts are created for every website. You can access your full analytics account with a Google account.

Google Analytics can be configured to email weekly or monthly reports. You can do this yourself or as part of our SEO service.

Our SEO service includes monthly emailing of 6 Google Analytics reports including:

  1. Content (how many visits to each page, Browser type, Device type, Internet connection type.)
  2. Keywords (words used to search and find your website),
  3. Traffic Sources (visits from Direct Traffic, Referring Websites, and Search Engines),
  4. Visitors - Overview (Number of Visits, Absolute Unique Visitors, Pageviews, Average Pageviews, Time on Site, Bounce Rate, New Visits.),
  5. Visitors - State (which state your website visitors come from),
  6. Visitors - City (which city your website visitors come from).

More information about our Google Analytics feature.