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Mobile Auto Repair Websites*

Having a fully mobile capable website is must. With today's explosive rise in mobile use a website that works on ANY web connected device is essential. Robert Maxim Website Solutions only builds auto repair websites with Mobile First Responsive Design website technology.

Why is a good mobile friendly website so important? Mobile is quickly becoming the dominate web browser technology. If your website does not provide a first class experience for mobile users you could be losing over half your website viewers. Any website that is more than a year old probably does not work well for mobile users. Slow to load and difficult to read are typical problems. Mobile users have come to expect websites to work for them. If not they just leave your website and go to your competitor...

Our current clients are now seeing over 50% of website visitors using a mobile device. And the range of mobile screen sizes and technology is well over 700 different configurations – from small screen phones to iPads that are as large as laptops. And your customers don't want a stripped down “mobile” only version of your main website. They want to view and use your full website no matter what type of device they are using – whether a mobile phone or a large mobile pad.

Displaying a website on all these different machines is a big challenge. Robert Maxim uses a Mobile-first Responsive Design for all its auto repair websites. Mobile-first means the website is designed with mobile as the first priority, and then automatically adapts to the size of the web browser. Responsive Design means the website automatically responds to the size of device viewing screen. And it all runs on the same website. You do not need a separate mobile only website. You also don't need to pay for the setup, hosting, and maintenance of two websites! Another Robert Maxim Website Solutions advantage.

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