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Monthly Website Service Description

Robert Maxim's monthly Website Service allows you to focus on running your business, not your website. Our monthly subscription provides both Internet professional services to administer and maintain your website CMS system, website hosting, and email hosting.

Basically we keep your website running in top condition. And we assist you in the operation of your website. Our subscription plan gives you the confidence that someone is looking after your website.

Routine updates and maintenance on a modern website can be a huge time and resource demand for your employees. Robert Maxim’s website service provides top notch expertise as well as the assurance of a predictable and reasonable website budget.

Website Service VS Hosting

Website Hosting

A standard hosting plan pays for your usage of a web server. It does not include support for your website code or anything within the account which is unique to your website. You are responsible for all work involved in operating and managing your website hosting account.

Website hosting is defined in terms of usage of server hard-drive space, databases, software, and Internet connection bandwidth. Hosting typically includes support for the server operating system and the associated infrastructure of the data center that houses the server.

Website Service Plan

A website service plan provides Internet professional services which administer and support your website code or matters unique to your website.

Services performed includes software updates, security fixes, general website maintenance, phone and e-mail server maintenance. Like most professional services, our website subscription plan provides a measured time interval of assistance.

Robert Maxim's website service plan gives you the confidence that someone is caring for your website. You can be sure that your website is monitored and maintained on a regular basis by an Internet professional without fear of being charged for every minute at market rate. Our website service plans also allow you to contact us for professional website advice.

Robert Maxim Service

We take a very pro-active approach to supporting our clients. We often rectify website issues behind the scenes long before users need to request assistance or even know there is a problem.

Your monthly Website Service Subscription includes:

  1. Website hosting
    • high performance, fast, very reliable web servers
    • expert server maintenance
    • high data security
  2. Website CMS maintenance
    • CMS core system security updates
    • CMS software maintenance
    • module security updates
    • database maintenance
  3. Email accounts
    • e-mail server with strong spam and junk email filters
    • strong company branding with domain name e-mail accounts (
    • personalized email names (e.g. John Doe <>)
  4. Help & Assistance
    • e-mail & phone assistance
  5. Website edits
  6. Google Analytics access
    • detailed reports on website traffic provided by Google.