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About Us Page Description

People are naturally curious. And they love a good story. People want to know as much as they can about a business, and the people behind it, BEFORE they even contact you. People want to feel safe, secure, and have a sense of fellowship which enables them to trust you. Trust is the key in making people comfortable enough to do business with you.

When someone clicks on your 'About Us' page they usually have one question in mind: "Who are these guys?" Use the 'About Us' page to reach out to your prospective customers, let them know who you are, and reinforce why you are a better choice than your competitors.

Research has shown that the 'About Us' page is seen by prospective customers as the most important window into the character of your business. It is a key element in building the online image of your business.

Through a series of questions we gather information from you about your business, and combine that with photos you supply, to create a page that gives prospective customers a compelling vision of who and what you are.

This page can be broken down into three sections: the past, present, and future. Start with a snap shot of the company's current status. What your shop looks like today and how you run your business. Then provide an interesting company history. Photos really add interest for your website viewers, keeping them on the page longer, which improves the search engine ranking of your site. You can finish with your future plans or vision for the company.

If your company has little history we can focus on the previous experience of the owner(s) and what plans they have for the future.

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