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Is SEO worth the Investment

SEO is a long term process where the correct combination of certain elements compound over time and raise a webpage's search engine results page (SERP) position.

Patience Needed

Not everyone understands that SEO results are not immediate. Website SEO is highly variable for each business and website, unpredictable in its results due to search engines taking unpredictable amounts of time to recognize and evaluate SEO website changes.

SEO Value

Is SEO worth it?

SEO should be considered an investment, not an expense. Paid search results, such as Google's AdWords program, end immediately when you stop paying. In contrast, quality SEO is an investment that pays back for the life of the website. SEO improves your website and will always remain visible in search results if done correctly.

SEO Results

Everyone has a different idea of what SEO success means. And misunderstandings are almost always due to a difference in SEO goals.

Focusing on increasing website raw traffic numbers is misguided. A true measure of SEO effectiveness is how many quality, paying customers result from SEO changes. A website traffic increase is a much poorer result than an increase in the number of quality, paying customers. One new sale is a far better SEO result than a 1,000 more website hits that don't put any cash in your pocket.

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