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Members only promotions**

Robert Maxim Members Only Promotions enable you to create promotional webpages that can be accessed only by select customers. This appeals to consumer's delight in exclusivity—being part of a special group who are treated to perks. Members Only promotions can be coupon images, a simple text description, or a full webpage including images or photos and text. You can also link to a print version graphic image or PDF file.

Members Only Promotions can be used to offer special pricing or services to select customers such as FLEET clients or other high volume customers.

Members Only Promotions are also a great way to engage and maintain contact with your customers. With the greater reliability and longer service intervals of modern vehicles it is easy for customers to be attracted by the competition's advertising and drift away. Once you've found the 'right' customers you need to keep reaching out to keep them coming back.

Members Only Promotions can also be used with our Scheduled Promotions. This allows you to control when and for how long a Members Only Promotion is displayed and offered.

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