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Auto Repair Website Types

Get the Website You Need

There are two main types of auto repair websites. And they are very different in the marketing results they produce. Select the wrong type of auto repair website and you may be very disappointed with the results.

Marketing Websites

Marketing websites are designed for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They are build different and require a greater amount of initial and ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work. They take more work to setup correctly and require consistent, ongoing search engine optimization and search engine marketing if they are to attract and produce quality auto repair customers. If you are looking to attract new auto repair customers from search engines an auto repair marketing website is the type you should have.

Brand Websites

Brand websites are intended to be a company information resource aimed at building and supporting the companies brand. They are also called Brochure Websites with the purpose of raising product or company awareness. This website type is suitable for companies who want to establish a Web presence before moving to a marketing website and attracting new customers from the Internet. Brand websites have limited search engine optimization for attracting new customers from search engines.

A brand website gets most of its viewer traffic from people who already know your company and go directly to the website by entering the company name or website address in their browser (eg. Internet Explorer). Brand websites depend largely on the website being promoted through other types of marketing such as direct mail, newspaper advertising, signs, etc. Brand websites are suitable for auto repair shops who wish to use a website as support for their general marketing campaign to promote their service. This type of website is typically much less expensive to setup and support due to the limited amount of initial and ongoing search engine marketing work.

Please see our What You Get page to see what is provided with each type of Robert Maxim auto repair shop websites.

Selection Mistakes

The biggest mistake shop owners can make is to select the wrong type of website. The most common error is in using auto repair shop website cost rather than the marketing goal for the website. Like any business asset, a website needs to have a return on investment or it has been a total waste of money.

Brand Websites - Poor Marketing Choice

Brand websites are commonly chosen because they are less expensive than Marketing Websites. The error of selecting the wrong type of website becomes obvious when the new brochure website is placed online. It just sits there with little search engine action. Shop owners are then dissatisfied, and blame the website for not generating new customers.

The failure point is that the website owner did not plan how they were going to promote their website and then select the best website type for their business.

Promotion Method

A website by itself will attract very few visitors and new customers if it is not actively promoted. People need to be made aware of a website either with direct advertising (fliers, newsletters, ads) or online through search engines (search engine marketing). You must decide how you will promote your website before selecting the website type your business needs.

Choosing a brand website may end up being “penny wise & dollar foolish” if it does not produce the results you need.

Still not sure?

Please see our What You Get page to see what is provided with each type of Robert Maxim auto repair websites. Or give us a phone call for more information.