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Directory Submission Service

Most of the quality website directories, such as 'Best Of The Web' and Yahoo, do not accept free submissions. Paying to be included in these directories can be beneficial for your website SEO and ranking. Robert Maxim Website Solutions can submit your website to a select list of directories which require pre-registration and manual submission.

Please Note: a Directory submission is different from a search engine submission. Search engine submission of your website is included free of charge in our Pro website service. Directory submission is an optional paid SEO service.

Note #2: submissions to free directories are largely a waste of time. Because of abuse by spammers and junk websites the search engines pay little if any attention to them, especially since early 2012. In fact there may be a search ranking penalty with being listed on the worst directories...


The secret to obtaining a successful Directory submission is choosing the most appropriate category and including a carefully crafted description that contains your main keyword phrase.

We charge a directory submission fee and a yearly administration fee for our Directory Submission Service. Our fees are for our expertise in researching the best category and writing your description – a successful submission in the right directory can pay SEO dividends for years and is well worth the investment.

What we do:

1. write description;
2. research best Directory category;
3. submit to Directory;
4. administration of yearly renewal.

Important: Although we have never had a Directory submission denied, we can NOT guarantee any directory will accept any submission. Our service and payment of the Directory's submission fee does not guarantee inclusion in the Directory, category placement, or website description as submitted. It is the Directory's sole discretion if they choose to list your website in their directory. Robert Maxim does not have any control over what any Directory does on their website. The Directory's submission fee* only guarantees that they will respond to the submission within seven business days, by either adding or denying the website.

* NOTE: The Directory's submission and yearly renewal fees (if required) are not included and are in addition to our submission and yearly renewal administration fees.