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Domain Name Management Service

Reduce the time, costs and risks associated with managing domain name records.

Managing your domain names is a challenge. And the risk of losing your domain names if they expire is very high. With the importance and investment many businesses have in domain names you need to manage your domains like the valuable asset that they are.

If you don't want the responsibility of caring for your valuable domain names Robert Maxim will care for and manage your domain names. We will act as the domain administrator, billing and technical contact, deal with all registrar communications and registration requirements, and ensure the registration fee is paid on time. We will also ensure the domain registration information is correct and current so you do not risk losing your domain due to a clerical error.

You can be assured that your domain names will be consistently and thoroughly cared for.

* Domains are registered in your name and you retain full ownership and ultimate control. We only act as the domain administrator/manager. We DO NOT transfer the domain from your ownership.

Please Note:

  1. Domain names registered or renewed through Robert Maxim are managed free of charge.
  2. Domain names not registered or renewed through Robert Maxim will be charged a Domain Management Fee.