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Google +1's Increase Your SERP

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Improve Your Google SERP

That Google +1 button may look like it does nothing, but Google uses the number of +1's as a signal in calculating your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) position. Getting +1's on any page will help that webpage's ranking.

Google +1Asking for Google +1's

Getting +1's is a simple task of just asking for them. Ask everyone and anyone: friends, business associates, and your customers. You might want to even try politely asking your followers on G+ to take a moment to +1 your page. If you are part of a business network group, 20 Group, Chamber Of Commerce, or any club, ask for a Google 1+.

Your G+ Badge

And before you make those requests be sure to make it easy by providing a link to your business G+ profile. Your webmaster can easily install a G+ badge with 'Follow' and '+1' buttons on your website. Then you can include that link in your email asking for follows and +1's.

SERP Results

Google has stated that it will take some time for your aggregated +1 count across the web to begin showing on your G+ badge. Give the SERP results some time to display. As you add followers and get people sharing your posts, commenting on them, and +1'ing them, you’ll begin to see the effect. Just keep in mind that SERP results are also different when you are logged in or logged out of Google.

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