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What is Google Local 7-Pack?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Often I am asked what a Google “7-Pack” is. All too often the barrier in communicating about auto repair shop Internet marketing is unfamiliar terms so I thought it best to explain what this commonly used term is.

Google Local search (search keyword + geographical location) results show the business name, address, phone number (NAP) and map in a highlighted block that stands out from regular listings. These highlighted listings are referred to as a 7-Pack because they usually display 7 listings (see my example below when I search for ‘auto repair shops hollywood fl’).

Google 7-pack for auto repair local search seo

You may have also noticed that the “7-Pack” often contains fewer listings (e.g. 3-pack). This smaller 7-pack happens when the search terms are more narrow or focused (see my search below for ‘timing belt repair ann arbor michigan’). Personally I feel the 7-pack should be called a "G-pack" because it does not always contain 7 listings. I haven't Google's 7-pack called a G-pack by anyone else so maybe I'll get credit for making something about auto repair local search SEO just a little bit simpler...

Auto repair local search seo - 2-pack

You and I both know there are WAY more than two auto repair shops replacing timing belts in Ann Arbor, Michigan so why are there only two auto repair shops listed? Google is trying to provide the “best” search results for the user (not for your business). Google is displaying what “they” feel are the best listings for the search terms their user is looking for. Also, sometimes there are not seven listing for this local search. The challenge for you is getting your auto repair shop included in the select few displayed in the G-pack listings.

What does this mean for you?

If you aren’t displayed in the G-Pack people are not finding your business! Those G-pack listings stand out from the regular organic listings and people gravitate to them when searching for your services. Being included in the G-pack can make a HUGE difference in the people who click on your listing. Your challenge is optimizing your website and Google pages to get listed in the G-pack. So what can you do for best local search coverage? Claim your Google online presence:\!

Get an SEO professional to do the following:
(trust me, it will cost you more in lost business than what you will pay)

  • Create and optimize a Google Local (map place) page.
  • connect you website to your Google pages.
  • Claim (verify) your Google profile and page.
  • Optimize your business website to connect with your Google pages..

What you should do:

These are just the most simple basics of optimizing your Google profiles and pages. They are so important, and have such a huge impact on your Internet marketing and getting it to attract new customers, you should have an search optimization specialist setup your profiles and pages.

Just remember if you mess it up it will cost you both in lost business and then hiring an auto repair SEO specialist to fix your errors. As Mike Holmes, Canadian residential home improvement contractor and television show host, loves to say, "do it right" in the first place...

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