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Google Plus Page Tips

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Update: Google is shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on April 2, 2019

Want to add some SEO juice to your G+ page? Post some photos. But you need to do it correctly or you are wasting your time...

Adding photos is an easy way to allow Google to connect more types of auto service work to your business. Think of all these bits and pieces of your online profile as a spider web that connects people to your business. And you need to use a wide variety of auto service related words that can match with the endless variety of services people search for. And with photos you get a double reward: Google likes them, and potential customers like them.Google Plus page optimization

The Secret

But, and this is a BIG but, just posting photos won't work. The secret to using photos for better SEO is in the text description of your photo... Google is smart, but machines can't visually understand or interpret what the photo is about (yet...). So Google uses the photo's description text to assign it a topic. And your photo descriptions need to have the right keywords weaved into them or it won't work.

What Counts

In all reality the image does not matter to Google. But photos DO have lots of meaning to PEOPLE. Your photo description helps Google get people ONTO your page, but the actual image is what people react to. Photos are a large part of the sales process and building trust in your service!

How To

Every day walk through your shop taking random photos of your staff in action. After a while they will overcome being camera shy and ignore you. Show people what vehicles you work on and what you do. Focus on getting a variety of vehicle types and the service procedures you provide. Point out the extra things you do to ensure the high quality work you are known for. Keep the purpose for these photos in mind while taking them.

Don't forget that humor is very effective in marketing (just don't use anything offensive). Photos can go 'viral' when people share with all their friends... Maybe ham it up and make your photos more interesting... buy a junker and catch your employees "fixing it" with a hammer... or have a temper tantrum and set it on fire out of frustration... (that would make an interesting video!). Be outrageous. Do things your competitors haven't got the nerve to do. Stand out.

How Often?

More frequently the better. Posting one photo a week is great. One a month is good. Ignoring Google is baaad... must keep the almighty Google happy!

So you need interesting photos AND carefully written descriptions. And do it regularly!

How I Can Help

You get the photos and I'll spin good descriptions. Let me know if you need help.

PS. sorry for all the buts... ;-)

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