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Stop Attracting Bad Customers

Monday, January 25, 2010

Many companies spend big bucks attracting auto repair customers who will never stick around long enough to pay back what it costs to acquire them. Are you wasting your auto repair marketing budget on bad customers?

Bottom Trollers

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You know the type. They want a prime time appointment for a loss-leader oil change special, show up late, grumble about how long it is taking and then refuse to provide any personal information other than their credit card number. That angry knot in your stomach just knows you will never see them again. Talk about a bad investment! What you need to do is shift your auto repair shop marketing focus to increase the yield of loyal auto repair customers.

Study Failures

Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in the world, has concluded there is more to be gained by studying business failures than successes. When analyzing the effectiveness of auto repair marketing cost it is more important to look at what didn't work. If all you are attracting is bottom feeding bargain hunters you need to change your auto repair marketing approach.

Change Your Aim

If you focus your repair shop marketing on price alone that is the market segment you will attract. If you want to break out of that segment you will need to give some serious thought to how you are attracting auto repair customers.

Know What You Want

First thing is to define a description of a 'good' customer. You need to have a vision of what you want before you go looking. Just review your present customers, decide who you would want to do more business with, and list the qualities that make them attractive.

Then look at why you are not attracting them. Look at where you are advertising and ask yourself if they would use this media. Look at the image and message your communicating about yourself. Would your target customer be attracted?


Rather than using price focus on value. Add features to your service that others don't to prevent direct price comparisons. Use different descriptions for common auto repair services. Differentiate your service and make your auto repair shop stand out from your competitors. Offer discounts to customers who refer a friend. You could also reward them with points which can be used to pay for your services. Create a contest that only some customers receive. Create specials that routinely change and are only available on your website. Use the power of exclusivity with Members Only promotions on your website.

Bottom Line

The goal is to not attract auto repair customers solely on price alone. Sure some people may pass you by but you may be further ahead without them.

About The Author

Doug Fentiman is an auto repair shop website marketing specialist and owner of RobMax Web Solutions. He provides an inexpensive, easy to use, website based marketing system that is designed from the ground up for auto repair shops. Doug helps shop owners build profitable businesses by attracting quality customers.

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