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Specials Calendar Incorrectly Named

Sunday, February 27, 2011

We now recognize that calling our auto repair shop website event calendar a ‘specials’ calendar was a big mistake. In hind sight this powerful auto repair marketing tool should have been called a 'Promotional Calendar'. The emphasis should have been on using it to promote ANY type of daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, or yearly event and not just discounted services or products. Robert Maxim's auto repair websites event calendar is a very powerful marketing tool and not making full use of it is a serious oversight by auto repair shop owners.

I’ve noticed that a number of our customers are not using their website event calendar as effectively as they could. In fact some don’t use it at all and I feel this is a serious waste of a very effective auto repair marketing tool.

On investigation many shops do not like to discount their services and feel that using “specials” only attracts bargain hunters and low profit customers. In many market areas this is very true, but to just stop using the calendar is a huge waste of a very flexible and powerful marketing tool. The calendar should have been promoted as a promotional or announcement utility that could be used to promote more than just what is on ’sale’.

Your calendar doesn’t have to be used just for specials or coupons. Think of it as a tool to promote any aspect of your business. It could be used to inform your website viewers of the type of work you do, the type of vehicles you work on, the benefits of doing businesses at your shop, the unique skills and abilities of your staff, events happening at your shop such as new equipment, new certification or training completed, seasonal auto care information, events in your community, or services and products you want to promote. Your calendar event doesn’t need to be focused just on discounting prices.

We found that after a few trial ‘specials’ most shops stopped using the calendar due to the event either attracting the wrong customer type or it not attracting any interest. But to just stop using the calendar breaks two major rules in advertising: success increases with repetition (longer it runs the more people pay attention to it); and second, you never stop advertising just because an ad doesn’t work. If an advertisement doesn’t work change it until you find what does work! There is an old saying that only 50% of any advertising works. You need to test and experiment until you find what works! If you give up and stop the advertising you did do truly is a 100% failure.

This very powerful marketing tool is so much more than just a ‘specials’ calendar. Basically the promotional calendar is a collection of individual web-pages that are organized by date. A link to each page is placed in the calendar according to the page’s start and end date range. These pages could just as easily be listed in alphabetical order of their title, topic, or date they were published. The calendar is just a familiar and convenient way to present links to time sensitive content. Or to present information on a regular basis without the need to reenter it. Al you need to do is change the start and end dates and the event’s page remains unchanged.

Also, any event content, text and photos, is fully indexed (recorded) by search engines and greatly increases your website SEO. Calendar content gives you a double promotional bang by providing attractive information for your website viewers and searchable content for the search engines - which boosts your website performance and effectiveness.

Hopefully our customers will see our ‘Promotional’ Calendar as so much more than just a glorified auto repair "coupon" generator.

Auto repair shop websites Promotional Calendar description

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