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Automotive Link Exchanges Are Worthless

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Link exchanges where two websites link to each other are now largely worthless. Once the mainstay of auto repair SEO two way reciprocal links now have very little auto repair website SEO value and provide little if any website SEO benefit. To be effective auto repair backlinks need to be one-way with at least one degree of separation between the websites that link to each other.

Two-way Links

A two-way or reciprocal link is where website “A” links to website “B” and “B” links back to “A”. Basically a "you help me and I'll help you" arrangement between "friends". Search engines base a high portion of the website rating they award a website on the number and quality of links linking to a website. Search engines caught onto this "manipulation" of two-way backlinks and devalued direct two-way link exchanges. To gain auto repair SEO value from back-links they need to be one-way links pointing to your website.

One-way Links

Rather than two websites linking directly to each other a one-way link “threesome” works much better. For example website “A” links to website “B”, then website “B” links to website “C”, and then website “C” links to website “A” creating a circular loop. Each website gets a highly valuable one way back-link. There is no limit to the number of websites that can daisy chain link to each other. The weakness in this linking method is finding a cooperative group of websites who can be trusted to correctly create their link.

One-Way Backlinks

One-way links are much more difficult to get and so they are awarded a much higher search engine ranking value. The reasoning is that since one-way links are so much more work to create the majority should be authentic backlinks. Although one-way links are highly desirable, the difficulty is getting three or more website owners to cooperate and create links to their partner website. The “trust” factor is a major hindrance in building one-way links.

Paid Links

Many website owners will buy backlinks to their websites to boost their website ranking but this is very risky auto repair SEO. If the website you purchase a link from is found to be selling links and banned or black-listed by the search engines your website will be found guilty due to your association to them. Recently Google has been on a very aggressive campaign to find and punish websites that break their terms of service ban on paid back-links.

Automotive Link Exchange

A valuable feature of Robert Maxim's auto repair websites is our private SEO link network that all our clients are included in. We manage all your one-way links between all our client websites. Everyone gets a variety of high quality back-links with no worry of not getting a reciprocal link of equal value in return - or being punished by the search engines for having "bad" associates...

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