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5 Link Building Ideas

Monday, February 20, 2012

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Here are five auto repair website link building ideas you may have overlooked. With the importance of website backlinks for your auto repair SEO you need to take advantage of any way to get a link to your website.

Auto Repair Website Backlinks

To get the best quality backlinks you should provide the link text and even the HTML code that website owners can use to place your link on their website. The easier you make it for them the more willing they will be to provide a link to your website. Your auto repair SEO specialist can write the link text and HTML code required for high quality links to your repair seo link building


If you are a BBB member make sure your profile includes a link to your website. There are two different BBB pages where you can list your website. First is your BBB profile page that lists your rating. The other is the BBB consumer index located at The BBB consumer index is a higher value link. Getting your website link into the BBB consumer index requires applying for BBB business accreditation. A links from BBB are great high trust links.


Most business or community organizations provide links to member websites. Think of any connections you may have. School alumni associations are high value link sources and are often overlooked. If you pay a membership fee to any organizations you should be able to get a quality link to your website. Some organizations don't make this membership service well-known so you may have to ask. If they don't offer links you should ask.

Charity and Sponsorships

Do you sponsor local events? Sports teams? Have you donated to charity organizations? Most are happy to provide you with a link to your website.


You should be able to get links from suppler websites. Part suppliers, sub-contractors, machine shops, insurance company, office supplier,your accountant, your legal office, transportation companies, advertising companies, etc. The more money you spend with them the more leverage you have for requesting a link to your website. Most would feel obligated if you told them how much it would mean to you and solidify your loyalty to them.

Family and Friends

You can also extend your link generating network to your family and friends. They are most likely to go out of their way to help you. Don't forget your employee’s family and friends. Your business success directly benefits their livelihood! Any link is a good link so suggest links from their company websites, personal Blogs or websites, organizations, clubs, etc.

If you need help building links or any other auto repair SEO please contact me.

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