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Saturday, May 26, 2012

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Auto repair shop owners should use as a model for how their website should look. And by “look” I don't mean the colors and layout – you need to look under the website's 'skin' to see why it is so effective. Closely examine the “contents” of this website – the pages, the words, and the photos that it uses to tell the story of who they are and why someone would do business with them. This is what auto repair shoppers (and search engines) are looking for words, not just a fancy graphic design!Robert Maxim auto repair website SEO

The content of Kovach's website works for both people AND search engines. There is a separate page that highlights each major service they provide, and a separate page for each city or town within their market area. For people these pages describe what makes each service special and the specific 'benefits' of having the service done at this shop. Everyone does brake repairs... the key to customer conversion is describing 'what' makes you better than the other guys! The separate pages for each city, or geographical location, clearly communicate their market area and why website visitors outside your immediate neighborhood should do business with you.

And the on-site SEO is bang on. The individual auto service 'topic' pages and separate location or city pages provide the search engines with landing pages for specific keyword targets just the way they like a website to be organized. This layout allows each page to be optimized for highly effective SEO. This is what makes people AND search engines happy. Without the separate, keyword targeted pages you have no hope of ranking for all the individual services and geographical locations.

Is this website perfect?

No. But a few simple things would make it perform much better.

The one big thing it fails on is prospect 'conversion' – getting website viewers to become paying customers. I would say the website works fabulous at getting people to the website (good SEO) and communicating 'what' they do, but it doesn't build the necessary 'trust' factor required to make people feel confident in becoming a customer. This website needs to be more personal. It needs a good 'About Us' page with current and historical information, and more about the PEOPLE who work there. Loyal, long-term customers don't build trusting relationships with businesses! Relationships develop between people. That is why personal word-of-mouth and online reviews are so powerful!

When people are looking for a service provider, whether a dentist or a shop to get their car serviced, the website's visual design almost immediately becomes irrelevant as they look beyond the colors and graphics and start reading what is contained in the website in the hunt for what they need. What they are looking for is 'what' you are, 'where' you are, 'who' you are, what 'benefit' over the other guys you offer, and do other people trust you?

And website statistics (e.g. Google Analytics) will give you a quick, clear insight into what people think of your website. The two key numbers are the time they spend on your website, and how many pages they view during their visit.

If visitors abandon a website in a short few seconds (called a 'bounce') this tells you your website's first impression sucks (or your SEO is attracting the wrong people). If visitors spend 30 seconds or more on that first landing page they have moved beyond the initial first impression stage and are interested enough to invest additional time reading the page contents.

The second key indicator of your website's effectiveness is the number of pages people view during their visit. If they find what they came looking for they will view more of your content.

Low 'page view numbers' in combination with low 'time on page' numbers usually indicates the content of your website is lacking in amount and quality. And the more overall time viewers spend on your website the greater the chance of converting them into a paying customer.

(Disclosure: Robert Maxim Website Solutions has no connection with Kovachs Auto Repair or their website.)

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