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TrustBuilder Allows Remote Business Monitoring

A TrustBuilder user recently mention that one of the best features was allowing him to monitor what is happening at his business while he is not there.

Employee Performance

TrustBuilder can help the business owner remotely monitor customer satisfaction and how the employees are performing. It allows the owner to catch service failures, rescue the customer, and fix the management problem. Also find employees who can't work independently... and either train them, or replace them.

Should You Charge Environmental Fees

Environmental Fee Charges are Bad For Business

It's all in the presentation

Auto repair shops spend big bucks to dispose of waste generated from repairing vehicles and it is only fair business practice to pass this expense on to the customer. However shops need to be careful how the expense is presented to their customers. Using a separate environmental fee on invoices can have a serious negative impact on the shop's reputation.

Are You a High Value Leader or Low Price Losser

Leaders and losers

To thrive in a price driven market you need to to be a HIGH VALUE LEADER. Some auto repair shops know they're leaders. Some think they're leaders. Many don't know they're losers. Consumers know the difference and quickly find the leader. What are you?

The High Value LEADER offers the lowest price for highest quality products resulting in high consumer value.

In contrast the low price LOSER provides low pricing for low quality products. Think poor value. Consumers notice the difference and the High Value LEADER becomes the winner.