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How To Maximize Advertising Results

You will get remarkably better results from any type of advertising if you have a great reputation in place and make it easy for vehicle owners to find the information they need to become your customer. 

The process of creating successful auto repair shop marketing is similar to preparing a meal. Like with cooking there is a specific order in how to prepare for good advertising results.

Lazy Auto Shop Marketing

Looking for auto shop marketing that does not require any effort for the business owner?

I call it lazy marketing. And it doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

Auto shop owners often complain about not having the time or desire to contribute to their marketing. They are usually too busy working IN the shop and not in the office as a business manager, as they should be...

Search Engine Submission Scam

Search engines will not index your website until they find a link leading them to it. You need to make search engines aware that your website exists. Rather than waiting until search engines discover your website by chance, you can manually submit your website. The easiest way to do this is with your Google Business Profile. You do NOT need to pay for search engine submission. It is one of the oldest scams on the Internet...