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Should You Ask For Reviews?

The simple answer is no...

Flat out asking for a review rarely works. Response rates are very low. It is like asking for praise... people see it as plain weird. Or even a touch desperate...

Ask For Feedback

Instead, ask for your customer's feedback and have providing a "review" a subtle option in the background. People who are truly thrilled with your service or product will want to give you a great review without directly asking for it.

How To Get Better Google Adwords Results For Auto Repair Shops

Very few good, long term customers come directly from Google AdWords clicks. Sure you might get a few customers if you offer something for cheap. But quality, long term customers take their time becoming your customer. And there is one thing that makes a HUGE difference in the number of new customers you get from AdWords.

If you want to get better results from google AdWords for your auto repair shop, improve your reputation.

What Is Your Online Reputation Saying

What Is Your Online Reputation Saying about your business?

When potential customers search for auto repair service in your area what do they find?

Are you encouraging people to buy from you?

Why Is Online Reputation So Important

A recent Google/IPSOS study* shows that 82% of smartphone users say they consult the internet about purchases they are about to make. They can get ideas, look up information, and make decisions, all from their smartphone anytime, anywhere. Both before and DURING their shopping.

Grow Your Business With Customer Feedback

Growing your business is all about knowing what is happening within your business. And one of the best ways to get the "pulse" of your business is to simply ask your customers. Their feedback can guide you in making your business better.

Customer feedback will tell you what they like, and don't like, and from that information you can improve your business. Happy customers are more loyal, willingly spend more, and recommend more of their friends to businesses who provide what they want.