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Referrals Only Marketing

Customer Driven Auto Shop Marketing

What would happen if your business only accepted new customers referred by your current customers? No more advertising. No more discounting. Referrals only. Would your business grow, just survive, or quickly die? If the thought of depending on referrals alone frightens you your problem is not auto repair shop marketing – it's service quality.

Unhappy Customer Strategies

When auto repair shop repairs fail customers react in three basic ways. In all cases there is a very high likelihood you will lose the customer. With proactive follow up communications dissatisfied customers can be uncovered, problems fixed, prevent future service failures, and if you recover well, you can prevent losing the customer.

Service Failure Reactions

When auto repair shop customers are unhappy, for whatever reason, three things can happen:

Service Failure Recovery Retains Customers

Reputation Rescue

Unhappy customers destroy loyalty and repeat business. Most dissatisfied customers are vocal but silent, unhappy customers are missed opportunities to win the customer back and protect your reputation. When auto repair shop service failures happen, and they will, how you recover makes the difference between being “the best” shop or a “don't go there” shop.

Auto Repair Business Success Through Social Media

Power Of The Collective Voice

On-line Social Networking[1] is a phenomenon that has exploded in popularity. One outcome of this new virtual community is a collection of shared consumer experiences. Participants are using collective customer reviews of products and services to make informed buying decisions. Auto repair shop owners should be participating in these online communities to promote their businesses.