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What Makes A Good Website

When looking for an auto repair shop website developer the first mistake businesses make is not defining what a “good” website is. A “good looking” website does not mean it will be a good marketing tool.

The biggest, and most common, mistake is focusing on visual “look” and ignoring the content. It is the text and photos about you on your website that answer questions people have about your business… not fancy graphics or a logo. Some of the simplest, plainest websites, with great content, generate the most new customers.

Words vs Graphics - Auto Repair Websites That Work

Pretty pictures and flashy artistic design may grab eyeballs, but copy, or written text content, is superior at converting viewers into paying customers. Auto service website use statistics show that people spend more time on websites with well written website copy, or content, and convert website viewers, or 'prospects', into paying customers at a much higher rate.

Money Saving Auto Repair Shop Websites

An auto repair shop website Can Save You Money.

Stop spending a fortune on traditional print advertising. Newspapers, flyers, local directories, and Yellow Page print advertising all cost huge amounts with questionable returns. Sure a well designed ad may catch a prospect's eye, but people are still very wary of doing business with an unknown company. And today anyone looking for additional information about a company, no matter where they find out about you, will go to the Internet.

Simple Websites Make More Money

Customers Like Simple Websites

Simple, easy to use websites that provide answers for their questions are preferred by vehicle owners.

Fancy or Productive?

A pretty website may look good on the surface, but research[1] tells us that a fancy website doesn't necessarily produce new customers. If fact it can drive people away and leave you with an unproductive, expensive monument. Content and how your website is constructed is what your customers want and your bank account needs!