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Auto Repair Marketing with cheap print ads*

Here is an auto repair marketing idea that is working well for my auto repair shop clients. Combines inexpensive print ad with related landing page on your website.

Place a small, 2x1 column ad in local paper with link to a corresponding landing page on your website. Keep the ad simple, consistent layout and design, and run it every issue. Anyone experienced with advertising will tell you the secret to a successful ad campaign is frequency and consistency.

Why Auto Repair Shops Need Keyword Targeted Content*

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo work by connecting people with information related to the topic they are looking for. If that information is not on your website people won't find it, or your business. So if you want to connect with potential new customers you must have keyword rich content on your website that includes the keywords people are searching for. Yes, it is that simple. Keyword Pages are the only way to attract a greater number of new customers from organic search.

Diesel Repair Business Directory*

Announcing our latest project,, a directory for diesel repair shops and diesel service shops, dealership or independent, diesel performance shops, diesel parts suppliers and stores, diesel parts manufacturers, and diesel engine and fuel system rebuilders. will provide two main benefits for diesel related businesses.

Citation Category Affects Google Search Results*

Your citation categories have a great impact on what keywords your website is displayed for in a Google search. Incorrect online information about your business can have a very serious negative effect on your search result appearance and position (ranking)... and your online marketing success.

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Tip Of The Week #1 - SEO*

To kick things off with my 'Tip Of The Week' series I have a few tips about optimizing your Google Map Places (GP) profile. This should be top of your list in improving your auto repair website SEO.

Your Local SEO Checklist For 2012 is a great, short article by Miriam Ellis that has lots of great advice about improving website SEO for local search.

Why Do it?

Why bother optimizing your Google Places profile?

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Tip Of The Week Series*

I thought I would start a weekly 'Tip Of The Week'. Mostly they will be short website marketing tips or links to helpful information. Some tips will be things you can do yourself (DIY) and some are best done by your website developer. Just like auto repairs, some things can be DIY and others require a skilled expert.

I'll post them on my blog and email to clients. You can also get a feed of my blog. You can also connect to my blog through Facebook.

Google Search Rank Improves With Website Age*

One of the key factors in Google search ranking is website age. And due to the influence of website age Google intentionally imposes a ranking delay on new websites while they prove their trustworthiness. According to Evan Bailyn, one of the world's leading authorities on SEO, this holdback, or inability to rank, lasts about four years and decreases in progressively smaller amounts over this time.

5 Link Building Ideas*

Here are five auto repair website link building ideas you may have overlooked. With the importance of website backlinks for your auto repair SEO you need to take advantage of any way to get a link to your website.

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Auto Repair Marketing Strategy For Small Town Auto Repair Shops*

Online auto repair marketing strategy differs depending on the size of the city you are located in. If you are situated in a small town you will need to broaden your online auto repair marketing target to include surrounding communities. Since search engines now have a very strong focus on local search you will need website content that is highly focused on geographical location to get page one positions in search engine results targeting those locations.

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Auto Repair Local Search SEO*

As you all know search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are now placing great emphasis on “Local Search”. Google Maps Place profiles have really taken off both from a business and a consumer standpoint and these changes in search engine marketing should not be ignored. Do your auto repair SEO right and you benefit greatly. Ignore local search SEO and your website will have less and less prominence in the search engines as time goes on.

Submit To Online Directories For Auto Repair Website SEO*

Submit Your Website to Online Directories for Auto Repair Website SEO

Submitting your auto repair website to online directories is a very different process than submitting to search engines. A successful Directory submission involves much more than simply providing your website name and URL address. Carefully crafting your directory submission can have big payoff for your auto repair website SEO ranking.

Automotive Link Exchanges Are Worthless*

Link exchanges where two websites link to each other are now largely worthless. Once the mainstay of auto repair SEO two way reciprocal links now have very little auto repair website SEO value and provide little if any website SEO benefit. To be effective auto repair backlinks need to be one-way with at least one degree of separation between the websites that link to each other.

Auto Repair Website Design That Works - Words vs Graphics*

In today’s era of flashy auto repair website design the old marketing debate of "Copy versus Art" rages on. Pretty pictures and flashy designs, or Image Advertising, may initially grab viewer eyeballs, but it is the copy, or written text, that is far more effective at converting viewers into paying customers.

Claim Your Google Business Listing for Better Local Search Results*

You can improve your auto repair website SEO by claiming a Google Business local listing for your business. It only takes a few minutes to signup and claim your Google Business listing, and you will benefit from increased local exposure for your business. We highly recommend that all our clients claim their Google Business listing.

Top Reasons to Claim Your Google Business Listing:

Improve Auto Repair SEO with Multiple Domain Names**

Multiple domain names can be used to improve auto repair search engine marketing (SEM) and the number of prospective customers who view your website. But forwarding multiple domain names to your main website will NOT help auto repair SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or drive more traffic to your website. You need separate "Micro" websites with content that links back to your main website.

Social Media Affects Auto Repair Marketing ROI*

Auto Repair Marketing brings prospective customers to your business. But it is your reputation that converts them into paying customers. Your reputation provides the trust factor required in moving people from prospect to customer. Shoppers use the Internet to investigate your reputation and decide if they want to do business with you. Social Media is quickly becoming the key component of your online identity and the reputation people create for you.

Auto Repair Website SEO and Grizzly Bears*

The amount of search engine optimization (SEO) your auto repair website needs to get top search result position dependents on how competitive your online market is. If your website competition has little or no SEO, getting your auto repair website to place at the top of the search results is usually easy. On the other hand if you have got super aggressive competitors with websites SEO'd to the 9th degree getting your website onto a search engine's first page will take a lot more SEO work!

Specials Calendar Incorrectly Named**

We now recognize that calling our auto repair shop website event calendar a ‘specials’ calendar was a big mistake. In hind sight this powerful auto repair marketing tool should have been called a 'Promotional Calendar'. The emphasis should have been on using it to promote ANY type of daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, or yearly event and not just discounted services or products. Robert Maxim's auto repair websites event calendar is a very powerful marketing tool and not making full use of it is a serious oversight by auto repair shop owners.

Free Services Build Customer Loyalty*

Offer your customers a free oil change on their birthday. Free oil change birthday specials are a great way to build that all important personal relationship with your long term customers and keep your auto repair business fresh in their mind.

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Value of Google Analytics*

One of our competitors claims that Google's free analytics service is a waste of time and so don't offer it on their websites. They say that the true measure of a website's effectiveness is the number of customers walking through your door and that you don't need a bunch of numbers to show that. While this may be generally true, there is far more value in Google Analytics and its Webmaster Tools companion than just website traffic numbers. And good business management would want to foresee problems BEFORE the phone quits ringing...

Website Backlinking*

Quality backlinks should point directly to your auto repair website. Most should link to your homepage. Topic specific website should link to pages deep in your website to pages that have the same topic. Link your social media profiles to special landing pages (see website Tip #3 on auto repair shop website landing pages) on your website. Links of questionable quality or from forums and blogs should link to your to your social media websites which then link directly to your main auto repair website.

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Website SEO Tip #2*

Search engines use the 'quality' and 'relevance' of websites linking to your website (backlinks) as a measure of your website's quality and where your website is placed in search engine results (top of page one or page 25). Place links to your website on websites that are very popular (high SEO rank and traffic). One suggestion is social media websites like Yelp, InsiderPages or MerchantCircle.

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Website Landing Pages*

One way to track how your ads work is to create multiple 'landing' pages on your auto repair shop website each offering a unique service for each different social media profile. Each landing page must only be accessible from a single social media website profile. Use counts of how many people visit each landing page as a measure of the effectiveness of your different offers on different social media websites. Use customer requests for the 'special' service as a measure of how well your offer sells.

Hope this helps

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Website SEO Tip #1*

Search engines use the number of links pointing to your website (backlinks) as an important measure of your website's quality and importance. Social media websites can be used to create high value backlinks that will boost your website search engine ranking.

Website backlinks strongly influence where your website is placed in search results (top of page one or bottom of page 50...). You need to create a network of websites with links back to your website to improve your website SEO.

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Auto Repair Industry Credibility Sucks!*

The auto repair industry as a whole is fighting a generally accepted bad reputation. Building trust with new customers is tough when the public's poor perception is supported by independent studies. The following three part approach can be very effective in developing your reputation and attracting long term customers: awareness, referrals, and an impeccable track record.

Outright Copyright Infringement**

Some say that plagiarism is a form of flattery. I call it outright intellectual property theft. A nasty form of disrespect that seems to have become all too common these days. And I'm sick of it. And here is what I'm going to do...

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Dare To Use Social Media*

Do you dare get your business into the social media arena? Are you afraid you will only expose yourself to complainers? You will be happy to know that by far the greater number of users who post reviews give businesses a thumbs up. While there are no guarantees of five star reviews, the feedback will allow you to improve your service quality. And besides, people are going to talk about you regardless so you might as well participate in the party. Social media may be the best free automobile service marketing idea available.

Social Media Powers New World Of Marketing*

If you have been wondering if social media could help your auto repair shop marketing check out Yamato Auto Repair's Yelp profile. If you have any doubts that social networking and customer driven advertising can attract new auto repair customers just check out the 49+ glowing, thumbs up reviews these guys have. Why wouldn't anyone want to do business with them. One of the strongest examples of referral marketing I've seen. And best of all, it's free!

Don't Cut Auto Repair Shop Marketing Budgets*

Bad economic conditions often force auto repair shop management to look for expenses to cut. Slashing auto repair shop marketing budgets is easy, offers an immediate solution to cash flow problems, but is the worst mistake possible. Outsmart your competition by continuing your marketing - just spend your dollars more wisely. Be primed and ready for economic recovery.

Social Networking Is Forever*

When dealing with service failures (screw-ups) and angry customers you really need to think about the long term consequences of how you respond. Social Networking is all about getting people to talk about you. The powerful aspect of this is that what is said lives on the Internet virtually forever. Positive chatter is like a credibility savings account that goes on paying dividends. Negative rants are sticky, reoccurring public relation nightmares that will never go away.

Money Saving Websites*

Auto Repair Shop Websites Can Save You Money

Stop spending a fortune on traditional print advertising! Newspapers, flyers, local directories, and Yellow Page print advertising all cost huge amounts with questionable returns. Sure a well designed ad may catch a prospect's eye, but people are still very wary of doing business with an unknown company. Most small businesses just can't afford the size of print advertisement copy that will provide the information that will convert prospects into customers.

Social Reputation Building*

Your online social reputation is quickly becoming the life blood of a strong marketing plan. Consumers are dumping their heavy telephone yellow Pages directories and turning to the Internet – 21 million visited in May 2009 alone! Every auto repair shop should be working hard at building social proof of their competence and trustworthiness.

Social media marketing & auto repair shops*

The new social media websites seem to be a perfect way to connect with new customers but will social media such as Yelp, MerchantCircle, Twitter, or Facebook work for auto repair shops?

Marketing is all about connecting with people. For advertising to be effective you need the person's attention and interest. Social networking can be a fabulous marketing tool if your target market participates and you provide a common 'local' interest to bring them together.

Be More Referable*

Asking for referrals is a great way to find new customers. But being more referable will work even better according to John Jantsch in his article 7 Signs Your Marketing May Need to Evolve. Once you've got people talking about you stop paying for expensive, ineffective advertising and rely on referrals only marketing!


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