Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist


How To Maximize Advertising Results

You will get remarkably better results from any type of advertising if you have a great reputation in place and make it easy for vehicle owners to find the information they need to become your customer. 

The process of creating successful auto repair shop marketing is similar to preparing a meal. Like with cooking there is a specific order in how to prepare for good advertising results.

Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth

Focus on the customer experience.

Nothing matters more to a business than how they make customers feel. How the customer feels determines whether your business survives or sinks.

The secret to your business revenue growth is your customer experience. Not the marketing done in the pages of a magazine, newspaper, trade publication, on TV, or other media outlets. Marketing generates new customers, customer experience keeps them coming back.

TrustBuilder Allows Remote Business Monitoring

A TrustBuilder user recently mention that one of the best features was allowing him to monitor what is happening at his business while he is not there.

Employee Performance

TrustBuilder can help the business owner remotely monitor customer satisfaction and how the employees are performing. It allows the owner to catch service failures, rescue the customer, and fix the management problem. Also find employees who can't work independently... and either train them, or replace them.