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Submit To Online Directories For Auto Repair Website SEO

Submit Your Website to Online Directories for Auto Repair Website SEO

Submitting your auto repair website to online directories is a very different process than submitting to search engines. A successful Directory submission involves much more than simply providing your website name and URL address. Carefully crafting your directory submission can have big payoff for your auto repair website SEO ranking.

Automotive Link Exchanges Are Worthless

Link exchanges where two websites link to each other are now largely worthless. Once the mainstay of auto repair SEO two way reciprocal links now have very little auto repair website SEO value and provide little if any website SEO benefit. To be effective auto repair backlinks need to be one-way with at least one degree of separation between the websites that link to each other.

Auto Repair Website Design That Works - Words vs Graphics

In today’s era of flashy auto repair website design the old marketing debate of "Copy versus Art" rages on. Pretty pictures and flashy designs, or Image Advertising, may initially grab viewer eyeballs, but it is the copy, or written text, that is far more effective at converting viewers into paying customers.

Claim Your Google Business Listing for Better Local Search Results

You can improve your auto repair website SEO by claiming a Google Business local listing for your business. It only takes a few minutes to signup and claim your Google Business listing, and you will benefit from increased local exposure for your business. We highly recommend that all our clients claim their Google Business listing.

Top Reasons to Claim Your Google Business Listing:

Improve Auto Repair SEO with Multiple Domain Names

Multiple domain names can be used to improve auto repair search engine marketing (SEM) and the number of prospective customers who view your website. But forwarding multiple domain names to your main website will NOT help auto repair SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or drive more traffic to your website. You need separate "Micro" websites with content that links back to your main website.

Social Media Affects Auto Repair Marketing ROI

Auto Repair Marketing brings prospective customers to your business. But it is your reputation that converts them into paying customers. Your reputation provides the trust factor required in moving people from prospect to customer. Shoppers use the Internet to investigate your reputation and decide if they want to do business with you. Social Media is quickly becoming the key component of your online identity and the reputation people create for you.

Auto Repair Website SEO and Grizzly Bears

The amount of search engine optimization (SEO) your auto repair website needs to get top search result position dependents on how competitive your online market is. If your website competition has little or no SEO, getting your auto repair website to place at the top of the search results is usually easy. On the other hand if you have got super aggressive competitors with websites SEO'd to the 9th degree getting your website onto a search engine's first page will take a lot more SEO work!

Specials Calendar Incorrectly Named

We now recognize that calling our auto repair shop website event calendar a ‘specials’ calendar was a big mistake. In hind sight this powerful auto repair marketing tool should have been called a 'Promotional Calendar'. The emphasis should have been on using it to promote ANY type of daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, or yearly event and not just discounted services or products. Robert Maxim's auto repair websites event calendar is a very powerful marketing tool and not making full use of it is a serious oversight by auto repair shop owners.


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