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Auto Repair Website Design

Articles and writing about auto repair shop website design.

Auto Repair Websites That Work

One of our most successful auto repair website design is for Al's Auto Care in Brick, NJ. A replacement for a cookie cutter website from a well-known auto repair marketing company that just wasn't working. The owner, Chris, was frustrated by a long-term decrease in car-counts even after trying every type of auto repair marketing available. With a little assistance from Robert Maxim Website Solutions he identified his website as the weak link in his auto repair marketing.

Auto Repair Website Design That Works - Words vs Graphics

In today’s era of flashy auto repair website design the old marketing debate of "Copy versus Art" rages on. Pretty pictures and flashy designs, or Image Advertising, may initially grab viewer eyeballs, but it is the copy, or written text, that is far more effective at converting viewers into paying customers.

Claim Your Google Business Listing for Better Local Search Results

You can improve your auto repair website SEO by claiming a Google Business local listing for your business. It only takes a few minutes to signup and claim your Google Business listing, and you will benefit from increased local exposure for your business. We highly recommend that all our clients claim their Google Business listing.

Top Reasons to Claim Your Google Business Listing:

Improve Auto Repair SEO with Multiple Domain Names

Multiple domain names can be used to improve auto repair search engine marketing (SEM) and the number of prospective customers who view your website. But forwarding multiple domain names to your main website will NOT help auto repair SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or drive more traffic to your website. You need separate "Micro" websites with content that links back to your main website.

Value of Google Analytics

One of our competitors claims that Google's free analytics service is a waste of time and so don't offer it on their websites. They say that the true measure of a website's effectiveness is the number of customers walking through your door and that you don't need a bunch of numbers to show that. While this may be generally true, there is far more value in Google Analytics and its Webmaster Tools companion than just website traffic numbers. And good business management would want to foresee problems BEFORE the phone quits ringing...

Auto Repair Industry Credibility Sucks!

The auto repair industry as a whole is fighting a generally accepted bad reputation. Building trust with new customers is tough when the public's poor perception is supported by independent studies. The following three part approach can be very effective in developing your reputation and attracting long term customers: awareness, referrals, and an impeccable track record.

Dare To Use Social Media

Do you dare get your business into the social media arena? Are you afraid you will only expose yourself to complainers? You will be happy to know that by far the greater number of users who post reviews give businesses a thumbs up. While there are no guarantees of five star reviews, the feedback will allow you to improve your service quality. And besides, people are going to talk about you regardless so you might as well participate in the party. Social media may be the best free automobile service marketing idea available.

Money Saving Websites

Auto Repair Shop Websites Can Save You Money

Stop spending a fortune on traditional print advertising! Newspapers, flyers, local directories, and Yellow Page print advertising all cost huge amounts with questionable returns. Sure a well designed ad may catch a prospect's eye, but people are still very wary of doing business with an unknown company. Most small businesses just can't afford the size of print advertisement copy that will provide the information that will convert prospects into customers.


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