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Auto Repair Website SEO

Articles and writing about auto repair website SEO and auto repair shop SEO.

Why Auto Repair Shops Need Keyword Targeted Content

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo work by connecting people with information related to the topic they are looking for. If that information is not on your website people won't find it, or your business. So if you want to connect with potential new customers you must have keyword rich content on your website that includes the keywords people are searching for. Yes, it is that simple. Keyword Pages are the only way to attract a greater number of new customers from organic search.

Diesel Repair Business Directory

Announcing our latest project,, a directory for diesel repair shops and diesel service shops, dealership or independent, diesel performance shops, diesel parts suppliers and stores, diesel parts manufacturers, and diesel engine and fuel system rebuilders. will provide two main benefits for diesel related businesses.

Citation Category Affects Google Search Results

Your citation categories have a great impact on what keywords your website is displayed for in a Google search. Incorrect online information about your business can have a very serious negative effect on your search result appearance and position (ranking)... and your online marketing success.

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Google +1's Increase Your SERP

Improve Your Google SERP

That Google +1 button may look like it does nothing, but Google uses the number of +1's as a signal in calculating your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) position. Getting +1's on any page will help that webpage's ranking.

G+ for Improved Search Ranking

Optimizing Your Google Plus Page

Having a Google Plus profile for your auto repair business has become vitally important for your website's Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google uses the connection to your website to validate and authenticate your website. And this is important to your website ranking. There needs to be a two-way connection between your auto repair website and G+ business page.

Tip Of The Week #1 - SEO

To kick things off with my 'Tip Of The Week' series I have a few tips about optimizing your Google Map Places (GP) profile. This should be top of your list in improving your auto repair website SEO.

Your Local SEO Checklist For 2012 is a great, short article by Miriam Ellis that has lots of great advice about improving website SEO for local search.

Why Do it?

Why bother optimizing your Google Places profile?

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