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Auto Repair Website SEO

Articles and writing about auto repair website SEO and auto repair shop SEO.

Google Search Rank Improves With Website Age

One of the key factors in Google search ranking is website age. And due to the influence of website age Google intentionally imposes a ranking delay on new websites while they prove their trustworthiness. According to Evan Bailyn, one of the world's leading authorities on SEO, this holdback, or inability to rank, lasts about four years and decreases in progressively smaller amounts over this time.

5 Link Building Ideas

Here are five auto repair website link building ideas you may have overlooked. With the importance of website backlinks for your auto repair SEO you need to take advantage of any way to get a link to your website.

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Auto Repair Marketing Strategy For Small Town Auto Repair Shops

Online auto repair marketing strategy differs depending on the size of the city you are located in. If you are situated in a small town you will need to broaden your online auto repair marketing target to include surrounding communities. Since search engines now have a very strong focus on local search you will need website content that is highly focused on geographical location to get page one positions in search engine results targeting those locations.

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Auto Repair Local Search SEO

As you all know search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are now placing great emphasis on “Local Search”. Google Maps Place profiles have really taken off both from a business and a consumer standpoint and these changes in search engine marketing should not be ignored. Do your auto repair SEO right and you benefit greatly. Ignore local search SEO and your website will have less and less prominence in the search engines as time goes on.

Submit To Online Directories For Auto Repair Website SEO

Submit Your Website to Online Directories for Auto Repair Website SEO

Submitting your auto repair website to online directories is a very different process than submitting to search engines. A successful Directory submission involves much more than simply providing your website name and URL address. Carefully crafting your directory submission can have big payoff for your auto repair website SEO ranking.

Automotive Link Exchanges Are Worthless

Link exchanges where two websites link to each other are now largely worthless. Once the mainstay of auto repair SEO two way reciprocal links now have very little auto repair website SEO value and provide little if any website SEO benefit. To be effective auto repair backlinks need to be one-way with at least one degree of separation between the websites that link to each other.

Improve Auto Repair SEO with Multiple Domain Names

Multiple domain names can be used to improve auto repair search engine marketing (SEM) and the number of prospective customers who view your website. But forwarding multiple domain names to your main website will NOT help auto repair SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or drive more traffic to your website. You need separate "Micro" websites with content that links back to your main website.

Auto Repair Website SEO and Grizzly Bears

The amount of search engine optimization (SEO) your auto repair website needs to get top search result position dependents on how competitive your online market is. If your website competition has little or no SEO, getting your auto repair website to place at the top of the search results is usually easy. On the other hand if you have got super aggressive competitors with websites SEO'd to the 9th degree getting your website onto a search engine's first page will take a lot more SEO work!

Value of Google Analytics

One of our competitors claims that Google's free analytics service is a waste of time and so don't offer it on their websites. They say that the true measure of a website's effectiveness is the number of customers walking through your door and that you don't need a bunch of numbers to show that. While this may be generally true, there is far more value in Google Analytics and its Webmaster Tools companion than just website traffic numbers. And good business management would want to foresee problems BEFORE the phone quits ringing...


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