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Auto Repair Website SEO

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Website Backlinking

Quality backlinks should point directly to your auto repair website. Most should link to your homepage. Topic specific website should link to pages deep in your website to pages that have the same topic. Link your social media profiles to special landing pages (see website Tip #3 on auto repair shop website landing pages) on your website. Links of questionable quality or from forums and blogs should link to your to your social media websites which then link directly to your main auto repair website.

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Website SEO Tip #2

Search engines use the 'quality' and 'relevance' of websites linking to your website (backlinks) as a measure of your website's quality and where your website is placed in search engine results (top of page one or page 25). Place links to your website on websites that are very popular (high SEO rank and traffic). One suggestion is social media websites like Yelp, InsiderPages or MerchantCircle.

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Website Landing Pages

One way to track how your ads work is to create multiple 'landing' pages on your auto repair shop website each offering a unique service for each different social media profile. Each landing page must only be accessible from a single social media website profile. Use counts of how many people visit each landing page as a measure of the effectiveness of your different offers on different social media websites. Use customer requests for the 'special' service as a measure of how well your offer sells.

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Website SEO Tip #1

Search engines use the number of links pointing to your website (backlinks) as an important measure of your website's quality and importance. Social media websites can be used to create high value backlinks that will boost your website search engine ranking.

Website backlinks strongly influence where your website is placed in search results (top of page one or bottom of page 50...). You need to create a network of websites with links back to your website to improve your website SEO.

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Local Listings On Bing – Get Yours Now

Local search business listings in Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines are vital to auto repair service shops. The more information about your company out there, the greater chance people are going to find you. It only takes a few minutes to create a listing and where else can you get great free advertising like this!



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