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Three Step Customer Loyalty Strategy

Loyalty isn't won in a single transaction or simply with a loyalty card program.

It's won over time as companies build relationships with their customers.

Three Steps To A Winning Customer Loyalty Strategy:

  1. Deliver on your brand promises;
  2. Provide amazing service;
  3. Ensure enjoyable customer experiences.

Brand Promises

State your Brand Promises. Everywhere. Your website. Google Business Profile. Social media. Directory listings. Brand promises should be the core of your company description.

Do what you say you do. Be honest. Be transparent.

If you fail, tell the customer. Explain why it happened, what you are going to do to correct the problem, and how you will prevent it from happening again. Create trust in your Brand. Trust leads to loyalty.

Amazing Service

You don't have to give away your time. Just do what you do do very well. Most times it is the little things that impress customers and don't cost much if anything more to provide. Be thoughtful. Remember vehicle owners often come to you in stressed state of emotions. You are in the 'service' business. Help them. How you make them 'feel' will be far more meaningful and memorable than a discount... A simple helpful gesture can create tremendous loyalty and forgiveness for future inevitable service failures.

Do everything you can to show you can be trusted. Customer communications is major complaint with auto repair shops. Keep the customer informed of diagnostic findings and progress of repair and services. Good verbal explanations, photos, videos, inspection reports are greatly appreciated by customers. They make a HUGE difference in creating trust. And selling work.


Building a trusting customer relationship can take a long time. And trust is very fragile. It takes constant nurturing and maintenance. A big part of customer loyalty is the customer feeling that if they have a problem with any auto service work you will make it right.

Say you will guarantee your work and proving you will are very different. Talk is cheap. There are two ways to provide confidence in your brand. Customer reviews, and after service follow-up.

Customer reviews are independent proof that you can be trusted.

Good customer reviews come from happy customers. One of the easiest ways to do after service followup, ensure your customer is happy, and get positive customer reviews and testimonials is with our TrustBuilder Customer Relationship service. TrustBuilder is one of the most effective and easy ways to build customer loyalty.