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Auto repair website design, auto repair SEO, and auto repair marketing for progressive auto repair shops. Attract a better caliber of auto repair customer: Tech savvy, Discriminating, Trusting, Loyal. Give them what they want and they are yours.

  • Attract them convert them keep them with RobMax Web Solutions.
  • Specialized automotive website design by auto repair industry experts.
  • Improve the profitability of your auto repair shop.
  • Fully mobile Responsive Design website.

Auto Repair Shop Websites

RobMax Web Solutions provides an integrated, website based auto repair marketing system. This profit producing tool is built out from a core website which can be extended with industry proven automated tools to boost your company's bottom line.

Search Engine Friendly Website

RobMax Web Solutions' auto repair service websites are inherently search engine friendly. From the core structure, layout, and formatting of each page, to the SEO friendly URLs, your auto repair website will be way ahead of many custom build auto repair websites.

Many websites are created from an artistic style and look perspective but then require a huge investment in SEO to make them search engine friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improvement costs for a poorly constructed auto repair website can often equal or exceed the original website development costs! Or the other trick some developers use is to build an auto repair website with poor SEO and then push the website owner to pay for costly paid ad programs to attract customers (while skimming off a hefty commission on the paid ad management fees...) With RobMax your auto repair website has been designed from the start with SEO being the strongest guiding factor.

Included Basic SEO Optimization

Basic auto repair SEO has already been done and is included in your package at no extra cost. We have incorporated the latest search industry information and knowledge to improve your site's organic search engine placement.

Less Costly SEO Improvements

If you want us to fine tune your auto repair website SEO the cost to make these changes will be far less expensive compared to most other websites! Adding additional pages focused on specific auto repair keywords is very easy.

Shrinking Customer Base?

Customer counts down? Can't keep your high cost techs busy? Poor quality, low price focused customers killing your profits? Advertising no longer working? Need to change your auto repair marketing approach?

Marketing With No ROI?

Have you recently spent big bucks on auto repair advertising that worked in the past but now gives little, if any, return? You know the marketing game is changing fast but you're afraid of spending on unfamiliar marketing methods. Competitors are getting ahead of you on Internet marketing technologies and grabbing more of your market share? You know you need to do something.

New Advertising Directions

Internet auto repair marketing works. And auto shop owners are reporting that customers who come from the Internet are better quality. They come prepared and willing to buy your services. And they are far more loyal than the coupon clippers that other forms of auto repair advertising attract. But the Internet is a big place and getting people to notice you can be challenging!

Pull! Don't Push

How people are finding you is changing fast. Consumers are freely sharing info about their favorite auto repair shop. These chatty social communities are short circuiting and bypassing traditional auto repair marketing. They just ignore it! People are sharing their trust in auto repair shops they like, willingly building company reputations, and directing high quality customers to auto repair shops with their digital word-of-mouth recommendations. And they're doing it at no cost to the business owners! Are you ready to participate in this steady stream of quality auto repair customers who are ready, willing, and looking to buy your services? To do so you must satisfy consumer need to know who you are, what you can do, and how reliable you are.

Customers Are Looking For You

Consumers now expect shops to have an quality auto repair website. Sort of like the paper telephone directory listings of the past. An auto repair website is now the heart of a modern auto repair marketing plan. And the best part is that ANY business can afford a quality auto repair website. Have you got what today's consumers are looking for?

Grab Every Opportunity

Just imagine having a large group of customers who talk, or even rave, about your business. And they tell not only their friends but anyone who is willing to listen.

The secret to capturing these quality referrals is the ability to confirm the great things they are hearing about you. You need to get personal – expose the inner side of your business. Put yourself on display. If you do it right they will walk in your door ready to be long term customers. You need an auto repair website as a focal point for all your auto repair marketing.

Are you ready for things to be different?

Our objective is to help you make more money.

Our auto repair websites have many features to help you accelerate your business growth by taking advantage of the long term benefits of Internet auto repair marketing.

We provide an auto repair website focused on your customer's needs. Designed by people with hands on auto repair management experience. We've stood in your shoes and done the research on what works. You get a specialized auto repair website design that has been developed as an auto repair marketing tool – not a glorified business card. And since we provide an on-going website service your in the loop for constant improvements and updates. You won't find better value or results at such an inexpensive price.

Feature Rich

You get a feature rich auto repair shop website developed from our extensive automotive repair & service industry knowledge and research into what is required for your auto service shop website to be a money making tool.

Highly effective automotive website design can include:

Specialized auto repair marketing for the special needs of your auto repair website.

Easy start-up

Get started with just a specialized auto repair website. Then let your website evolve into an easy to operate auto repair marketing system. A truly tailor-made, modular service!

Your benefits

Your money making auto repair website can provide:

  • information about you that customers are looking for;
  • website with easy setup & low cost editing;
  • clean, concise, informative website design focused on customer needs;
  • focal point for ALL your marketing;
  • TrustBuilder customer-driven reputation management system.

An easy way to make your business stand out from the 'competition' and attract new customers.


If you'd like to talk about your requirements, we'll happily give you some ideas about how to achieve your goals - call us or email us.

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