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Marketing In Hard Times

Auto shop advertising in bad economy

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Advertise or Die

Often when business slows down the first expense to be cut is advertising. Bad idea. There is an old saying in the auto service business that you must advertise or you die!

Advertising doesn't mean you have to spend bags of money. There are many methods of auto repair advertising and not all cost big bucks. What you need to do is find something you can afford, fine tune it, and keep doing it! Consistency counts!

Economical Marketing

How about some free automotive repair advertising! With the extra time you have you can focus on finding new customers. Start with something that won't cost you anything but some time. Grab your customer list and start calling them. In the auto repair industry service reminders have a high response rate compared to any other type of marketing. And personal contact with your customers tops the list for return on effort!

Look back through customer records for recommended work that hasn't been completed. Look for maintenance work that is overdue. Call them up and ask how their vehicle is operating. Pay attention and offer to do any suggested work right away.

If they don't mention any work suggest something that was noted on a previous visit or is due. Tell them that you were looking through their vehicle reminder list and noticed a few recommended repairs that haven't been done. Give a few details about the last time they were at the shop and what was noted then. Go easy on the sales pitch and remember they may also be watching their budget!

Why Wait for Hard Times?

Why is it that procrastination is such a tough habit to overcome. You know you should be constantly advertising and promoting your business but it often only becomes a priority when business slows down. One reason is that it can be a time consuming activity. And when your busy it is so easy to put off.

RobMax Web Solutions has a number of services that can help make auto repair shop marketing easy and effective. Our simple A-B-C method of auto shop marketing is all based on an inexpensive, easy to use website that has been designed from the ground up for auto service and repair shops. There are a number of optional systems that allow repair shop owners to quickly and efficiently advertise and market their business. And on a continuous basis.

Another tip is that companies who advertise during difficult economic times have much less competition! Be bold. Do what your competition is not. The secret is doing it. And doing it constantly and consistently. Let RobMax help to inexpensively, easily and effectively market your business.

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