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Trust, But Verify

Trust, but verify is a form of advice given which recommends that while a source of information might be considered reliable, one should perform additional research to verify that such information is accurate, or trustworthy.,_but_verify

This is what your new customers are doing when they check your customer reviews. They will view your website to see if you can do what they need, and then verify that information with your customer reviews.

Your advertising and marketing attracts people to your website. Then they read your 'story' to gather information. Lastly they use your reputation to verify the information they have gathered about you and develop a feeling of trust.

So for your marketing to work you need three key elements which I call the A-B-C's of marketing:

A - Advertising (attraction)

B - Background (your story)

C - Credibility (customer reviews)

Without these three elements, in this order, you will waste an enormous amount of money on marketing that doesn't work...