Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

More Advertising Doesn't Always Produce More Customers

Need more customers? Don't buy more advertising. Save your money. Just improve your reputation and get better results from the advertising you already do.

Wasted Advertising

Most small businesses already spend too much on advertising. The real problem is that they waste the majority of the advertising that is working for them...

Many advertising pros say that only 50% of any advertising works. And it will cost more to find out which 50% is working, so just buy more advertising... but that is not smart marketing.

Better Solution

Just get more customers from the 50% of your advertising that is working (and if you're real smart, stop doing the 50% of advertising that doesn't work).

Maximize your advertising results. Increase your ad results (lead conversions) before spending more on advertising.

Better Value

Optimizing ad conversions is much better value than spending more on advertising.

Stop wasting your marketing budget. Squeeze more from the advertising you do now.


Simply improve your reputation.

A poor or marginal reputation is the greatest cause of people NOT becoming your customer.

One of the first things vehicle owners looking for an auto repair shop do after seeing your ad is check your reputation (what other people say about you).

If your auto service shop has a Google review rating of less than four, vehicle owners will avoid you if they can.

How to improve your reputation?

  1. Find out why you are getting negative reviews. And fix the problems.
  2. Get more positive feedback and reviews.
  3. Improve advertising Return On Investment.


TrustBuilder reputation tool is the easiest, least costly way to improve your reputation (and advertising results).