Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

It's All About Selling

Your auto repair marketing success depends on making the sale. And how you make that sale is changing dramatically. Consumers are using the Internet to become informed before you ever meet them. In fact if you provide what people are looking for they are often sold before they walk in your door!

Are you using the Internet to provide what your prospects are looking for?

Is your marketing out of date?

The Internet has dramatically changed the behavior of consumers. Buyers now turn to the Internet as their first source for research. They know the Web enables them to evaluate and select auto repair shops like yours quickly and efficiently.

New sales are now initiated by the buyer, rather than the seller. And what buyers want more than anything else, is information to help them make decisions. An important part of your auto repair marketing to these new, empowered prospects, is making the information they need accessible. Do this and you will convert prospects into customers. Do this and you will make the sale. A specialized auto repair website is the first step in attracting new customers.

What are you doing to make the sale?

The overall goal of auto repair marketing is to make a sale. The process involves generating prospective customers, educating these prospects, filling or satisfying their needs and wants, and ultimately turning prospects into paying customers. This basic definition of marketing has not changed since the beginning of trade. What has changed is how the marketing process, and making the sale, is accomplished.

Leverage the Internet and make the sale!

For providers of complex services like auto repairs, the process of turning a prospect into a customer is so precarious. More and more prospects are proactively looking for auto repair shops and can be easily lost if they don't find what they are looking for. Savvy auto repair shops have learned that the Internet offers a very effective means to provide their auto repair marketing message and help prospects in their decision process. Are you taking full advantage of the internet to advertise your business?

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