Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Making Connections With Customers

It's All About Communications

Auto repair websites need to provide clear, uncluttered content that quickly communicates what, when, why and how.

If vehicle owners can't easily find the information they want (need), they are gone. Plain and simple!

Effective websites

RobMax auto repair website service:

  • is a professional marketing tool,
  • focuses on the customer's needs and wants,
  • has a clean cut, efficient look,
  • uses simple, direct language: quickly gets to the point, before interest is lost.

Clean & easy

An auto repair website needs to be visually clean, and easy to navigate. The faster viewers can find what they want, the happier they are, and the greater the chance of converting them into a profitable customer.

Clear & concise

If people don't understand what you are trying to sell or communicate, they will go elsewhere. And they are gone fast!

Focus needs to be razor sharp on the customer - forget the mechanic jargon and 'shop talk' mumbo-jumbo. As a business, you need a clear, concise message of who and what you are - and in a language your customer understands!

You need to ensure that your automotive repair website positions you perfectly in your marketplace.

Relationship building

It's all about building a relationship. Your automotive repair website needs to assure vehicle owners that your business can benefit them. As a service business you're selling the invisible - a product that can't be touched or inspected before purchase. And it's all based on trust.

A customer makes a great leap of faith that you will do what they want. Your automotive repair website provides a prospective customer a concrete way to prejudge the service you will provide. They will quickly decide whether to do business with you based on the content of your website.

Your automotive repair website must communicate that your offering what they want, that you can actually do it, and that they will feel comfortable getting you to do it. Convey a sense of trust, build a relationship.

Website Problems

Typical auto repair website problems:

  • not aimed at your market: your target group comprises +35 year olds with a solid income, but your content is aimed at young, auto racing enthusiasts who are typically do-it-yourself back alley mechanics with little disposable income;
  • not customer oriented: the website is all about the owner or the business: you won't build customer relationships by focusing on you;
  • can't get to the point: a rambling, cluttered presentation with lots of waffle and no focus;
  • no brand consistency: your business is conservative, but the writing is light and humorous;
  • little market clarity: not clearly communicating what you do and the service level you provide: you can't be everything to everyone! Too many shops use coupons and price discount promotions and then wonder why they attract nothing but overly price conscience customers with no loyalty.
  • poor grammar, spelling and sentence structure: the consequences are the issue - not only does this present an unprofessional image, but it can fail to deliver your message;

If you want your auto repair shop website to be an effective marketing tool, contact us to discuss your needs.