Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Specialized Auto Repair Website Development

Industry Specific Websites

RobMax auto repair websites are a truly tailor-made product.

Specialized Marketing Solution

Our 'Website as a Service' system is a specialized auto repair marketing solution that meets the specific needs of the auto repair shops. You get a website designed for your specialized business requirements.

Highly Effective Website

By specializing in the specific needs of auto repair shops we have focused our skills to enable delivery of a highly effective auto repair shop website solution including:

  • customer interaction focused,
  • customer retention,
  • customer acquisition,
  • a laser sharp goal,
  • much lower development costs than a custom auto repair shop website.

Money Making Tool

You benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and research into what is required for your auto repair shop website to be a money making tool.

Specialized Solution

When a website becomes more than just an on-line brochure it needs to include specific features and functions - a specialized solution. Your auto repair shop website needs to be viewed as a system that is focused on a specific goal. It needs to have a deep understanding of the needs of it's target audience - vehicle owners.


By using our auto repair shop website you benefit with a lower cost from shared development costs. Most small businesses could not afford the development and programming work that has gone into creating this system if they wanted to create their own custom auto repair website.

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