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Protecting & Building Your Online Reputation

Protecting and building your online reputation is a challenging job. Especially tough when you have a damaged reputation and need to rebuild it. But your reputation can be fixed. And TrustBuilder can help.

Protecting Your Reputation

  1. The best way to protect your reputation is ask your customers if they are pleased with your service or product BEFORE they go online to complain. Catch any service/product failures before customer unhappiness festers into anger. And the bonus is if they are happy you will impress them with your concern and willingness to ensure their satisfaction.
  2. Don't wait until they are angry. That just damages your relationship and makes to near impossible to recover them as a customer.
  3. Studies show that asking for feedback within 7 days maximum is best way to prevent online negative reviews. Three days is better.
  4. Send Feedback Requests with technology your customer prefers. Some like Text message, some prefer email, some may just want to go to your website and provide feedback if they need to. TrustBuilder allows you to collect customer feedback in multiple ways.
  5. Always tell your customers why you ask for their feedback. If you "sell" the benefit of your feedback system they will be much more willing to participate. The best approach is to present it to customers as the "quality assurance" part of your guarantee.

Five Ways To Improve Your Reputation:

  1. Own the problems your customers have. Even when you, or others, feel it really isn’t your problem, own it. Respond to your customers with care, be rational, apologize, and make a commitment to make it right.
  2. Acknowledge that the customer has a problem and fix it. Afterwards ask unhappy customers for a second chance. Many will return if they feel they have been treated fairly.
  3. You can’t fake great service. Your customers will notice. And your reviews will reflect the service quality your customers experience.
  4. Change your haters into fans. Work to build a group of customers who will defend you and your reputation from angry customers.
  5. Build a reputation for caring about customer feedback. When you ask for feedback pay attention to what your customers say. Enough so that your customers notice, and comment about it in their feedback and reviews.


If you want to make collecting customer feedback easier, if you want many more fans than haters, and if you want to attract new customers with the great reputation your customers will create for you, TrustBuilder would love to help you.