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Raving Customers

Customer Driven Auto Repair Marketing

Let your customers be your marketing partner.

The term 'Raving Customers' could be interpreted many ways. Two definitions are: customers who are "extraordinary or remarkable" or customers who "talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm".1 Finding customers who fit both of these descriptions is the sweet spot any automotive repair shop seeks. These are the customers who are so impressed with your service they gladly spread the word to friends and associates about "their" auto repair shop.

Powerful voices

Customer testimonials are powerful statements of loyalty and trust. They're priceless! Our TrustBuilder testimonial system allows your customers to make comments about their experiences in doing business with you. This feature is an option for any RobMax auto repair website.

Encourage action

People like to express themselves. It is an outlet for their emotions. And emotions are very important in marketing. asking your customers for their feedback is a very powerful method of strengthening trust and customer loyalty.

Happy or angry, giving a customer a chance to be heard is powerful. You benefit in so many ways. If you pay attention happy customers will tell you what they like about your service. And you can grow your business by focusing on doing that for all customers. And paying attention to what your customers don't like is like finding a lump of gold with two benefits. It gives you the chance to make things right and keep the customer. And you now know what not to do!

Don't hide from your service failures. Encourage them. Embrace them. Learn from them. You will benefit from them. They are a gift in the long run! Check out our TrustBuilder Customer Relationship service.

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