Auto Repair Shop Marketing Specialist

Customer Retention

Not all customers are created equal. In the long term, the one-time customer is far less valuable than the loyal customer who brings all of their vehicles to you on a regular basis - the keeper customer. This is the essence of auto repair customer retention.

Bring Them Back

Discounts and specials may bring in a customer once or twice but it is customer service, communication, and quality work that will keep them coming back. Long-term relationships are built and survive on trust. Customers who shop for price alone will never become profitable customers. If your business has to depend on price to bring in customers your business is in trouble.

And no amount of marketing will compensate for a poorly managed business. You need good service advisors who have great people skills, know auto service and how to sell it, and how to build trust so that customers will return. And you need technicians who have the skills to fix vehicles. Comebacks and service failures destroy customer trust and loyalty.

RobMax customer retention systems help auto repair businesses keep their valuable customers coming back. This means reduced spending on advertising to attract new customers, and less need to discount services.

Low cost + easy

You have a variety of low cost customer retention tools to choose from:

  • TrustBuilder: customer relationship system.
  • Recommend Us: to enable customer driven marketing,
  • Scheduled Promotions: to keep your marketing interesting,
  • Members Only Promotions: for the truly loyal customers.