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Google Search Rank Improves With Website Age

One of the key factors in Google search ranking is website age. And due to the influence of website age Google intentionally imposes a ranking delay on new websites while they prove their trustworthiness. According to Evan Bailyn, one of the world's leading authorities on SEO, this holdback, or inability to rank, lasts about four years and decreases in progressively smaller amounts over this time.

Auto Shop SEO Tip Series

I thought I would post a (somewhat) regular 'Auto Shop SEO Tip' series. Mostly they will be short website marketing tips or links to helpful information. Some tips will be things you can do yourself (DIY) and some are best done by your website developer. Just like auto repairs, some things can be DIY and others require a skilled expert.

I'll post them on my blog and email to clients. You can also get a feed of my blog. You can also connect to my blog through Facebook.

Words vs Graphics - Auto Repair Websites That Work

Pretty pictures and flashy artistic design may grab eyeballs, but copy, or written text content, is superior at converting viewers into paying customers. Auto service website use statistics show that people spend more time on websites with well written website copy, or content, and convert website viewers, or 'prospects', into paying customers at a much higher rate.